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True selflessness



True selflessness


We see in the world that if people obey a king, only then is that person accepted to be a king.  Otherwise not.


On the other hand, regardless of whether anyone obeys Allah Most High or not, there is no change in His Sovereignty.


When a (worldly) king gives an order, there is some benefit in it for the king himself it.  On the other hand, when Allah Most High gives an order, it has benefits for His worshippers only.  Allah Most High does not (need to) derive any benefit from it.


In this world, when someone gives some benefit to others, he/she sees to his/her own benefit as well.  If it is some pious person who has no regard for the benefits of this world, even then that person will have the thought of divine reward as well. 


This is commendable, but it is not truly selfless. 


If there is no intention of reward also, the way parents care for their children without any intention of divine reward, even here one has a care for one’s own Self.  If children suffer any harm, the parents also feel it.


As far as one sees, there is no one who does anything in a truly selfless manner.  Except Almighty Allah.


He alone is the One who truly gives benefits to others without that benefiting Him in the least, as He is Self-Sufficient.


In this world, if someone needs something from someone and that person does not need anything, then the latter doesn’t even condescend to speak with the former.  The needy person follows him around.


To the contrary, Allah Most High has no need of any kind from the creation.  In spite of all this, we turn away from the Lord Almighty and He persuades us to turn to Him.


[Excerpted from Mawaaize Hasana, Vol. 1]



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