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WS: 143 - Miscellaneous rules about washing


Miscellaneous rules about washing


Washing unclean clothes along with clean ones


Can unclean clothes be washed along with the clean clothes in the washing machine?


Clothes which are unclean as per the Shariah, (for e.g. clothes, which have been dirtied by semen) should be washed separately.  If other clothes are mixed with them, they would also be rendered unclean.


Washing clothes of brothers-in-law


Can a woman wash the clothes of her brothers-in-law, although she has to practice Hijab with them?


Washing the clothes of brothers-in-law is not a responsibility for the woman ordained by the Shariah.  If she washes them out of her own will, it is permissible.


However, she should strictly avoid washing those unclean clothes in which a bath became Compulsory (Wajib) on them.  Apart from them, if she washes other clothes, then this will be an illustration of her civility and good manners.


What to do if a lizard falls on our body


Usually, it is said that if a lizard falls on the body, then gold should be dipped in the water and bath should be taken.  Is it necessary as per the Shariah?


Among the reasons described in the Shariah that make a bath or ablution compulsory, a lizard falling on the body is not mentioned.  There is no mention of this in the works of the jurists as well.


Thus, it is not Compulsory (Wajib) to take a bath if a lizard falls on the body and dipping gold in the bathing water has no basis in the Shariah.


In the given situation, if there is any kind of dirt/filth on the lizard, then the part of the body where it has touched the body and/or the clothes have to be washed.  If a lizard falls on someone and that person wants to take a bath for the sake of being clean, then there is no problem in it either. 


Ruling about infant vomit


Most infants throw up milk after they drink it.  Is it necessary to wash oneself if it falls on our clothes, etc.?

Regardless of whether it is an infant or an adult, if the vomit is a mouthful it is unclean.  It is necessary to wash the clothes and/or the body which have been rendered unclean by it.


This is because a mouthful of vomit has been declared by the Shariah to invalidate an ablution.  Whatever invalidates ablution is filth.


However, if the vomit is not a mouthful, then as it does not invalidate ablution, it is not compulsory to wash the body and/or clothes.  However, the command to wash it is for the sake of cleanliness.  As given in Miraaqil Falah, Pg. No. 83.





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