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WS: 147 - The respect accorded to women by Islam (3)



The respect accorded to women by Islam (3)


Islam doesn’t declare gender to be the basis of superiority and inferiority.  The standard of excellence is piety and consciousness of Allah Most High.


Allah Most High says in the Holy Quran:


O people! We created you from a male and a female, and (divided) you into (large) peoples and tribes, so that you might recognize one another. Surely, the most honourable amongst you in the sight of Allah is he who fears Allah the most. Certainly, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.  Surah Hujuraat (49:13)


Islam gives glad tidings of successful life to those who believe and do good deeds, without any discrimination of gender.  Allah Most High says in Surah Nahl:


So when you undertake to recite the Qur’an, seek refuge with Allah against (the wiles of) Satan, the outcast.  Surah Nahl (16:98)


Allah Most High says at another place:


Then their Lord accorded approval to their supplication (and said:) ‘Certainly, I do not waste the wages of any laborer, whether man or woman;  Surah Aale Imran (3:195)


The same has been described in detail in Surah Ahzaab:


Surely, the submissive men and the submissive women, and the believing men and the believing women, and the obedient men and the obedient women, and the truthful men and the truthful women, and the steadfast men and the steadfast women, and the humble men and the humble women, and the men who give alms and the women who give alms, and the men who fast and the women who fast, and the men who guard their chastity and the women who guard their chastity, and the men who remember Allah abundantly and the women who remember Allah very much—Allah has prepared for all of them forgiveness and a mighty reward.  Surah Ahzaab (33:35)



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