Fadhaail e Shab Baraat
Professor of Islamic Law JAMIA NIZAMIA, Founder of Abul Hasanaat Islamic Research Centre
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>> Introduction
>> Sha’abaan is the month of Durud
>> Sha’abaan is My month
>> Sha’abaan – month of forgiveness of sins
>> Superiority of Sha’abaan over other months
>> Sha’abaan and the preparations of the Sahabah
>> Fasting in the month of Sha’abaan
>> The excellence of Shab Baraat – in the light of the Hadith and the Traditions
>> "Lailatul Mubarakah" in the light of the Tafseer
>> One final explanation
>> Interpretation by Shah Abdul Aziz (May Allah shower His Mercy on him)
>> A beautiful explanation by Hadhrat Muhaddith-e-Deccan (May Allah shower His Mercy on him)
>> Radiance on Ka’aba
>> Shab Bara'at – Night of forgiveness
>> Those sins which stop forgiveness even in Shab Bara'at Mushrik and adulterous woman
>> Those who hold the wrong 'Aqida and those who disobey their parents
>> Those who break relationships with relatives and adulterous women will not be forgiven
>> In Shab Bara'at 300 doors of mercy are opened wide
>> Decision of life and death and Rizq in Shab Bara'at
>> Shab Bara'at – The Prophet's worship and prayer
>> Staying awake in Shab Bara'at and spending the night in prayer
>> The prayer of Shab Bara'at is not rejected
>> The worship of Shab Bara'at – Assurance of the life of the heart
>> Special Nafl and prayers of Shab Bara'at
>> Reward of 20 accepted Hajj and 20 years of fasting
>> Salaat Ut Tasbeeh in Shab Bara'at
>> Shab Baraat and visiting graves
>> Visiting graves makes a person religious
>> Visiting graves and women
>> Prohibition of fireworks in Shab Bara'at
>> Stay away from Unislamic things, especially in Shab Bara'at

Those who break relationships with relatives and adulterous women will not be forgiven

Those who break relationships with relatives and adulterous women will not be forgiven

Hadhrat Ghouse A'adham (May Allah SWT be well pleased with him) narrates from his Shaykh with a continuous chain of narration:

Translation: The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) said: Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) graces the skies of this world with His presence on the 15th night of Sha'aban and except Mushrik, hateful, those who hold the wrong 'Aqida, those who break relationships with relatives and the lady who does not guard their private parts forgives everybody. 

(Al Ghunya Li Talibi tariqil haqqi, Vol. 1, Pg. No. 190)

This Hadith shows the importance of maintaining good relations with one's relatives.  Breaking relations with them, refusing to talk with them, not helping them in their difficulties or not consoling them in distress, all these practices take one away from the Mercy of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala). 

If any relative breaks relations or does not treat one nicely, even then the ruling for that Muslim is that he/she should remain in contact with them even though those may not even talk properly.  They should meet them cheerfully, should give them gifts etc.  Gradually their misunderstanding will clear.  The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has specially urged us to meet and treat those relatives nicely who want to break away. 

Translation of Hadith: Attach yourself to those who break relations with you and forgive those who oppress you. 

(Mustadrak 'Alas Sahihain, Hadith No: 3873; Musnad Ahmed, Hadith No: 15065)

As far as the criminals are concerned, it has been clarified that if they repent before Shab Bara'at or even in Shab Bara'at, they will be forgiven.

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