Author: Muhaddith-e-Deccan Abul Hasanaat
Hadhrat Syed Abdullah Shah Sahab Naqshbandi Mujaddidi Qadri
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>> Introduction
>> The conditions of Hajj
>> The etiquette of Hajj
>> What is Fardh and Wajib in Hajj
>> Visiting the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)
>> Four types of Hajj
>> Anecdote

Four types of Hajj

There are also four types of Hajj :

The Hajj of the laypeople :

Translation of couplets :

O villager, I fear you will not reach the Ka'aba ,
as the path on which you are traveling leads to Turkestan

When I went to the Ka'aba for Tawaf, I was not allowed to enter the Haram ,
It was said: What did you do outside the House that you are coming inside it ?

Like this Hajji.  A certain Hajji was going somewhere after returning from Hajj.  Along with him, there was a slave who was also a Hajji.  At night, they put up in an inn.  There was a need for salt.  The Hajji told the servant: Go and tell some shopkeeper that my master is a Hajji and he needs some salt.  The servant did this.  At the next stop, some other thing was needed.  The Hajji told his servant: Go and tell the shopkeeper, my master is a Hajji and needs so and so.  They got this as well.  At the third stage also, they needed something.  The Hajji told the slave to bring it from somewhere.  The slave answered:  At the first stage I sold your Hajj and brought salt, at the second stage, I sold my Hajj and brought that.  Now nothing is left to sell .

Hajj of the worshippers :

The Hajj of the worshippers (Abideen) is to perform Hajj and its articles as per the commandments of Allah Ta'ala .

Hajj of the Salikeen :

Hajj of the Salikeen (those who desire the closeness of Allah Ta'ala) is visiting the heart.  It means that realization of your own home .

Hajj of the Kamileen :

The Hajj of the Kamileen is to realize one's own self, as mentioned in the Hadith :

The journey of Hajj is like the journey of hereafter.  Outwardly, the purpose is to visit the house of Allah Ta'ala and in the heart (Batin), the desire is the vision of Allah Ta'ala, because the honor of the slave is in one's negation, so that apart from the vision of Allah Ta'ala, annihilating oneself in His will and following His commands, no other wish remains

When Hadhrat Masruq (May Allah shower His mercy on him) performed Hajj, then from the time he made the resolve of Hajj and started from his house, during the entire journey up to the time of returning, he did not lie down at all.  Once in a while, he would doze off while sitting and that was all.  Wakefulness is there in restless and also in yearning (Shauq). Because of this, sleep is not even allowed to approach and the one who desires the Lord, stays awake whole days and nights in the thoughts of the Ultimate Beloved (Allah Ta'ala ).

The 'Arif (saint) should remember the journey of hereafter in this journey and busy oneself in the preparation of that journey .

I am surprised at the Hajjis of the path of Ma'arifah (realization) of Allah Ta'ala that why don’t they search for their Lord Almighty.  The heart of a Momin (believer) is a house of Allah Ta'ala.  Subhanallah!  Radiance and brilliance is always there in the Ka'aba, but the special gaze of Allah Ta'ala is cast only once a year and Allah Ta'ala looks at the heart of a Momin 360 times in a day.  For this reason, 'visiting' this heart is much more better.  Brothers! Become those who desire the heart .

My dear friends!  Only after a journey of thousands of miles, you can reach the Holy Ka'aba.  One reaches the Ka'aba of the heart simply by removing the desires of the flesh and refraining from what is bad.  After reaching the Ka'aba and completing all articles of Hajj, one becomes a Hajji and if one becomes a "Ghazi" on reaching the Ka'aba of the heart.  That is Jihad-e-Asghar (the lesser Jihad) and this is Jihad-e-Akbar (the greater Jihad)

O dear one!  If any person makes a resolve to visit the Holy Ka'aba, that person should not walk with his feet, but with his very being, i.e. that person should leave all the desires and cravings, so that one reaches the status of men and is awarded the privilege of the reality of the Ka'aba (Haqiqate Ka'aba).  Only then will one become truly successful.  When, by the guidance of Allah Ta'ala, someone reaches the Ka'aba of the heart (i.e. Ma'arifah), then that person will become a true Hajji .

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