HIJAB - Complete protection for women
Author: Mufti Hafidh Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi Qadri,
Professor, Islamic Law, Jamia Nizamia,
Founder/Director Abul Hasanaat Islamic Research Center.
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>> Introduction
>> Is this freedom?
>> Modesty – A major branch of Iman
>> Need for Hijab
>> The ill-effects of immodesty
>> The domains of men and women
>> Need for guarding one’s gaze
>> Lewd gazing A poisonous arrow of Satan
>> Prohibition of Describing the Beauty of a Non-Mahram Lady
>> Reward of refraining from Lewd Glances
>> Immodesty leads to adultery
>> Guarantee of Jannah on Assurance of Six Things
>> Degrees of Hijab
>> The Logic Behind Hijab For The Face
>> For whom is it allowed to see the face
>> Qualities of Burqa
>> Maintaining Hijab with the husband's brother
>> Satan watches a woman who does not practice Hijab
>> Hijab in Ihram
>> Exemption From The Order of Hijab For Old Women
>> Is The Voice Of Women included in Hijab?
>> It is impermissible to see non-Mahram male without any valid reason
>> Shaking hands with non-Mahram men is not permissible
>> Islamic Ruling For Women Stepping Out Of The House For Education
>> Women's Employment
>> Can a Woman Work as air-hostess?
>> Islamic rules of getting a facial
>> Using wigs, etc. for women
>> Modern hair for women
>> Tying hair in a bun
>> Summary of Islamic rules and guidelines of Hijab

Is this freedom?

Today in the name of equality and independence, women are being led to believe that their stay in the house is akin to being imprisoned in 4 walls with iron chains.  They are persuaded to come out of this “imprisonment” and walk along with men and become equal partners in each aspect of life.


With these tempting slogans, women have been brought out from the peaceful and chaste atmosphere of the home and are exposed on the roads, in markets, clubs and parks.  Women are excessively burdened with various exhausting works in the offices and call centers.  They have been reduced to a means of fun in shops and hotels and a source of advertisement for various products.  It is worth mentioning that women on whom Islam had placed the bejeweled crown of greatness and majesty, who had been given the garment of modesty and other great qualities, who had been given the robe of honor of chastity, alas that this same woman has been reduced to a showpiece and a toy in newspapers, TV, Internet and other media.


They have been exposed in theaters, parks and clubs and have been made a source of sexual entertainment and a means of fulfilling the base desires of the flesh.


It is unfortunate that she has been made to do all this in the name of women’s freedom.


When the woman stays in her own house like a queen and takes up the responsibilities of caring for her husband, children, parents, brothers and sisters, then it is labeled as an imprisonment, but when the same woman goes out of the bounds of modesty to cook for other men, clean the rooms of non-Mahram (people with whom marriage is possible) people, serve unknown people in hotels and airplanes, welcomes customers in showrooms and supermarkets, gathers their necessary items, obeys the whims and caprices of the superior officer in offices, then it is called freedom and honor!


If somebody sins considering it a sin, then it is only a sin.  However when women are exposed in the name of freedom, then the magnitude of the sin increases greatly.  In this situation, this topic has been turned in a burning topic.

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