How to raise children - as per Islamic principles
Author: Mufti Hafidh Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi Qadri,
Professor, Islamic Law, Jamia Nizamia.
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>> Introduction
>> The specialty of the Islamic system of raising children
>> Every child is born on Fitrah
>> Upbringing of children – A great responsibility
>> Teaching good manners is better than charity in the path of Allah
>> Good manners and etiquette – The best gift for a child
>> Instruction in the basics of faith
>> Instruction in good deeds
>> Instruction in good manners and etiquette
>> A practical example
>> Some other important guidelines
>> The zenith of instruction of children – Company of the pious

Instruction in good deeds

Instruction in good deeds


In instruction in good deeds, the recitation of the Holy Quran is highly important.  The education of children should be started with recitation of the Holy Quran.  This strengthens the memory, the inclination towards knowledge is increased and through the blessings of this, life remains contented.


Performance of Salaat should also be stressed and children should also be encouraged to engage in other forms of worship.  As Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran:


And enjoin Prayer on your family and strictly adhere to it. And We do not ask for provision from you, (rather) We provide for you. And it is the act of fearing God that brings about best results.  Surah Taha (20:132)


When children reach the age of 7, they should be ordered to offer Salaat and at the age of 10, they should be dealt with severely on non-performance of Salaat.  There is a Hadith in Sunan Abu Dawood which supports this:


Translation: You order your children to offer Salaat when they are 7 years of age and punish them on not doing so at the age of 10 and let them sleep separately at that age.  (Sunan Abu Dawood, Hadith No. 495)


Although at the age of 7, Salaat doesn’t become compulsory on children, but they should be ordered to offer Salaat so that they learn how to stand before their Lord Almighty from a young age and if they are still don’t offer Salaat punctually by the age of 10, they should be punished.


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