IMAM HUSSAIN-the true Imam
Professor of Islamic Law JAMIA NIZAMIA, Founder of Abul Hasanaat Islamic Research Centre
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>> Introduction
>> The superiority and excellence of the Prophet’s Family
>> Love of the Prophet’s Family and His Companions is a sign of the Ahle Sunnah
>> What kind of love?
>> Love of the Prophet’s Family and the Companion is a practice of the Ahle Sunnah
>> Sermon on the love of Prophet’s Family after returning from the Hujjatul Wada’a
>> Hurting the Companion is hurting the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)
>> Imam Hussain's truthfulness
>> Disrespect of the Prophet’s Family leads to misguidance and destruction of faith
>> The lover of the Imams, Hasan And Hussain, (may Allah be well pleased with them) is also in paradise
>> Superiority and excellence of Imam Hussain (May Allah be well pleased with him) Glad tidings of his birth
>> Hasan and Hussain are heavenly names
>> Imams Hasan and Hussain are the beauty of Jannah
>> Love of the Imams is a guarantee of the love of Allah Most High
>> The Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) stopped the sermon for Imams, Hasan And Hussain (May Allah be well pleased with them)
>> The Prophet's deep love for Imam Hussain
>> Yazid in light of the Hadith and history
>> My Ummah will be destroyed at the hands of a few lads of Quraish
>> Ask for Allah’s protection against the rule of lads
>> Yazid ordered the martyrdom of Imam Hussain–A confession by Ibn Zyad
>> Yazeed poked at the teeth of Imam Hussain
>> We feared that stones would fall from the sky
>> We are coming from such a person who has no regard for religion
>> Persecuting the people of Madina
>> Allah’s curse is on the one who frightens the people of Madina
>> Yazid’s army stoned the Ka’aba
>> Shariah Ruling on addressing Yazid with "Radhiallahu Anhu"
>> Punishment for the one who addresses Yazid as "Radhiallahu Anhu"
>> The siege of Constantinople – In which siege did Yazid participate?
>> First interpretation of this Hadith
>> Second interpretation of this Hadith
>> First attack on Constantinople
>> Second attack on Constantinople
>> Third attack on Constantinople
>> In which siege did Yazid participate
>> A Doubt and its answer
>> Yazid did not participate sincerely even in the later battles
>> A question for the supporters of Yazid
>> Conclusion

Persecuting the people of Madina

Persecuting the people of Madina


Imam Ibn Katheer writes in Bidayah wan Nihayah:


Translation: The reason for the incident of "Harra" is that a delegation from Madina went to Damascus to meet Yazid.  When they returned, they related Yazid’s habit of drinking and his other bad habits to their families.  The worst among his habit was that he missed Salaat because of wine.  For this reason, the people of Madina agreed to break their pledge of allegiance.  They declared this near the Prophet's Pulpit in the Prophet’s Masjid.  When Yazid came to know this, he sent an army to Madina.  The leader of the army was a person named Muslim bin ‘Uqba.  The Pious Elders (Salaf Saliheen) have also addressed this person as Musrif bin ‘Uqba.  When he entered Madina, he declared the lives of the Madinites and their property as permissible (Mubah) for 3 days, which meant that for 3 days, the army could do whatever they liked with the lives and the property of the people of Madina.  Thus, in those 3 days, he martyred hundreds of people.  (Bidayah wan Nihayah, Vol. 6, Pg No. 262)


There is Hadith in Imam Baihaqui’s Dalaail Un Nubuwwa:


Translation:  It is narrated on the authority of Hadhrat Mugheera (May Allah be well pleased with him) that Musrif bin ‘Uqba looted Madina for 3 days and raped 1000, unwed, chaste daughters of Islam.


It is written in Tabaqat Al Kubra, Vol. 5, Pg No. 66: Muslim bin ‘Uqba attacked Madina with his army.  Yazid’s army martyred 700 Hafidh of the Holy Quran, raped 1000 unwed, chaste Muslim women and for 3 days, there could not be any Adhaan and Salaat in the Prophet’s Masjid.

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