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  CI: 110   
If the DNA test report shows traits of lunacy, can the marriage be quashed on this basis?
  CI: 109   
DNA test to gauge marriage compatibility
  CI: 108   
Shariah ruling about online sacrifice of an animal
  CI: 107   
People living in western countries getting their animals sacrificed here
  CI: 106   
Paying bill in hotel collectively
  CI: 105   
Constructing commercial complex on graveyard land
  CI: 104   
Donating blood
  CI: 103   
Consuming gutkha, tobacco, etc. and entering the mosque
  CI: 102   
Black hair dye for young men
  CI: 101   
Wearing loose clothes in summer
  CI: 99   
Is makeup allowed in Islam?
  CI: 98   
Going to the doctor during Iddat
  CI: 95   
Handling a cell phone with the Holy Quran in it
  CI: 94   
Listening to songs and Music in Wuzu
  CI: 93   
Can we use Ayurvedic medicines
  CI: 92   
Questions about loan
  CI: 91   
Islamic precepts of business
  CI: 90   
Returning Salaam sent through e-mail or fax
  CI: 89   
Working as airhostess
  CI: 88   
Women having men's hair styles

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