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Distinguishing features of a believer

Hadhrat Ali (May Allah Most High be well pleased with him) said:


A believer is intelligent, whose face is fresh, but his heart is full of sorrow.


He considers his Self (Nafs) to be the most debased of all.


He frightens his Self with those things that perish and inclines it to everything that is good.


He does not have any malice for anyone nor jealousy.


He neither abuses anybody nor reveals anybody’s flaws.


He considers his reverence to be undesirable.


He remains silent most of the time and is busy in remembrance of Allah Most High Ta’ala.


He is patient, thankful to Allah Most High, worried to the point of sorrow about himself and happy with his penury.


He is rarely hurt.


He is very soft when angry.


His love is true.


His promise is strong.


He is opposed to his wishes, merciful with his subordinates.


He does not busy himself with useless things.


He spends a lot, but not wastefully.


He is very merciful on the creation of Allah Most High.


He helps the old.


He does not rend anyone’s veil.


He conceals (other's) secrets.


If he sees any good in anybody, he mentions it and if he sees anything wrong, he hides it.


If one anyone slips up, he forgives them.


He accepts excuses.


He thinks good of people and is away from distrust.


If he makes friendships, it is for the sake of Allah Most High.


He does not avenge any evil done to him.


His forgiveness dominates his enmity.


He obeys Allah Most High and is always pleased with what He wills.


He wishes good for people privately and publicly.


His hopes are less.  He is content with whatever he gets.


If anybody rebels against him, he is patient.


He is a follower of the good people who have gone before him and is the Imam of those who come after him.


[Excerpted from Maqasid Ul Islam, Vol. 6]


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