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Hadhrat Khwaja Ubaidullah Ahraar

A'arif Billah Hadhrat Khwaja Ubaidullah Ahraar (May Allah shower His Mercy on him) is a very great saint of the Naqshbandi order of Tasawwuf.  He passed away on 29th Rabe'e Ul Awwal, 895 Hijri.
Four months before Hadhrat Khwaja 'Ubaidullah Ahraar (May Allah shower His Mercy on him) was born his father was in a state of "Jazb" (total absorption in Allah Ta'ala).  After conception occurred, this state lessened.  Even before the birth of Hadhrat 'Ubaidullah, his grandfather had concisely described his "Wilayah" (closeness to Allah Ta'ala).
From childhood itself Hadhrat 'Ubaidullah enjoyed the "Qurb" (closeness of Allah Ta'ala).  He himself says: Until adulthood, I thought that everybody enjoyed this closeness to Allah Ta'ala.  After reaching adulthood I learnt that only those who are really lucky enjoy this connection and closeness of Allah Ta'ala.  Each and every person is not granted this.
Once he said that in Kashf Quboor (Revelation of the graves) is that the soul (Ruh) of the deceased appears in the face which it had in this world (Surat-e-Mithaliya) and even Satan has that power.  How do we know it is Satan or the deceased?
That is why in the opinion of the elite of the Naqshbandi order, Kashf Quboor is not considered dependable, but their method is that they sit and meditate (Muraqaba) before the grave which they want to find out about.  They empty themselves of all states (Kaifiyyaat) and Nisbah (Lit. connection) and wait for a new Nisbah and find out the state of the grave with this new Nisbah.  The method for finding out the state of an unknown alive person is the same.