* Hadhrat Khwaja Muhammad Durvesh
* Imam Rabbani
* Khwaja Bahauddin naqshband
* Shah Sadullah
* Ubaidullah Ahraar



me near my father, but my grave should be of mud and bricks in the manner prescribed by the Sunnah.

Thus, on Tuesday 27 Safar 1034 Hijri, he lay down on his right side with his hand under his cheek in the manner prescribed by the Sunnah and said: "All virtuous acts have been done, but 2 Raka'at of Salaat offered at a time is enough today." He said this and his soul (Ruh) started for the highest stations ( A'ala 'Illiyyeen ). He passed away with the word "Salaat" and this Salaat only is the Nisbah of the Prophets.
May Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) illuminate his grave and sanctify his soul.