* Hadhrat Khwaja Muhammad Durvesh
* Imam Rabbani
* Khwaja Bahauddin naqshband
* Shah Sadullah
* Ubaidullah Ahraar



Hadhrat Shah Sa’adullah (May Allah Ta’ala shower His mercy on him)
Before his birth itself, a saint had given the news to his parents that you will be blessed with a son. He will be a perfect Saint, but will not be able to use one leg. He was born in Uchdi Mulk, Pikli Punjab. He belonged to the Tajik community. It is written in Ghiyas that Tajik are the progeny of the Arabs who grew up in Non-Arab lands. This shows that his forefathers came from Arab lands and settled in Non-Arab lands. From his childhood itself, he was pious and was among the Ahl-Ullah. He would always be busy in either learning the sciences of Islam or in worship. His father had sent him for some work. On the way back, about 100 armed bandits attacked him. Although they ran unable to face him, his left leg was seriously injured. His father got it treated as much as he could, but to no avail. At last, he took permission from his father went somewhere else to get his leg treated. On the way, he saw a saint in his dream. He told him: Son Sa’adullah, where are you going? Your cure is here with us.” On this divine signal, he decided to go to Delhi. In spite of difficulties, he traveled to Delhi and started searching for Ahl-Ullah. At last he reached Hadhrat Maulana Shah Ghulam Ali Sahab. The features of Hadhrat Ghulam Ali were the same features of saint whom he had seen in his dream. He thanked Allah SWT and gave his Bait to Hadhrat Ghulam Ali.

For 12 years he remained busy in prayer, Mujahada,Muraqaba and remembrance of Allah SWT (Dhikr). When he completed all the stages of Suluk, very benevolently Hadhrat Ghulam Ali granted him Khilafah i.e. he made him his representative in Naqshbandi, Qadri, Chishti, Suhawardi, Kubrawiya etc. orders of Tasawwuf. In this course, Hadhrat Sa’adullah completed his Islamic education under his brother of Tariqah Maulvi Sher Muhammad Sahab. From the start of his Suluk until its end, everyday he would go the shrine of Hadhrat Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki (May Allah shower His Mercy on him) and gain blessings. In his behavior, actions, Salaat, worship, habits, that is in every way, he used to the follow Sunnah perfectly. Nobody ever saw him stray a bit from the Sunnah